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Children and teens have their issues too. Counselling and/or hypnotherapy can be of help.

Working with this age group is very different to working with adults and requires a therapist, such as myself, with specific training. Having teens of my own also helps.

Sometimes children just need to talk. It could be for a variety of reasons; friendship issues, separation of parents, anger, sibling rivalry, concentration at school, the list goes on.

Psychotherapeutic counselling can be really beneficial, as can hypnotherapy. Childrens' imaginations tend to be much better than many adults’, so we can use this to our advantage. The language and way in which therapy is worded is also amended appropriately.

An adult needs to be present initially and to sign the consent form, however, when we carry out the therapeutic part of the session, I ask that the parent leaves, so that the child/teen has no distractions. If, however, either the child or parent/carer is uncomfortable with this, that is perfectly okay. The most important thing is for everyone to be at ease.

I tend to see children from the ages of around ten upwards. Having had children of my own that are now teenagers, I feel this helps me understand and relate to both the parents and children.


I have an up-to-date Disclosure & Barring System (DBS) check, giving parents and carers peace of mind when working with their child.

The therapies I offer are all safe to use with children, however, I choose not to use Past Life Regression therapy with minors, as I personally don’t feel it’s appropriate.



(Nail Biting, Thumb Sucking)


Bed Wetting


Anger Management

Divorce / Parental Separation


Anxiety and Stress


School Issues

(ConcentrationFocus, Dyslexia)

Fears and Phobias




Speech Difficulties

(Stutter, Stammer,



Bullying and Friendship Issues


Exam or 11+ preparation


Sleep Problems (Insomnia, Nightmares & Sleepwalking)

Confidence, Insecurity & Low Self Esteem




Disordered Eating

[name] is doing well, she has settled in well and seems to manage her anxiety a lot better, we have eaten out a few times now and she has been much more relaxed.
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