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PSI Training Logo Hypnotherapy Training and CPDs

The Psycho-Semantics Institute (PSI Training) has been delivering professional training in the field of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and solution-focused counselling since 1989. We run a full Hypno-Psychotherapy Practitioner Diploma course accredited by the GHSC, which enables you to train to become a Hypno-Psychotherapist and register with the GHR and CNHC as a hypnotherapist.

At PSI Training, we believe that our Hypno-Psychotherapy Diploma is one of the most comprehensive Practitioner Diploma courses available to prospective students, combining hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP & solution-focused counseling. Graduates will acquire a Diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapy, setting them apart from those with a background and qualification purely in hypnotherapy.

​In addition, we offer a range of CPD workshops and distance learning courses in specialised areas for existing hypnotherapists and psychotherapists.

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