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The therapies I use can be fast yet effective solutions to many of life’s problems. They can be used to treat a variety of conditions, symptoms and emotional issues by resolving and removing the underlying thoughts, feelings and associated behaviour of your problems, whilst building your self-belief, confidence and self-esteem.

Please note, I am not medically qualified. The therapies I offer are complementary. 

Please seek advice from your healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment where necessary.


More of my clients come to see me for anxiety-related conditions than for any other issue. Some have fears and phobias resulting in anxiety, others get anxious in certain situations where they’d like to have more confidence and some get more extreme responses and panic attacks. It can all affect people in different ways and for different reasons. 

Whatever anxiety disorder you’re suffering from, we’ll identify the trigger and patterns of anxiety and then spend some time using NLP techniques combined with hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to retrain your unconscious, adapt your thinking and change the way you experience the situation. 

If you experience quite a few strong physical sensations, for example a tightening in the chest or butterflies in your stomach, we can use EMDR. I have found this to be incredibly beneficial and effective when treating anxiety disorders, particularly for PTSD. Ultimately, you utilise the resources you already have within you to allow you to deal with those situations positively and confidently in the future.


As we go through life, it is not always possible, desirable or feasible to avoid those situations that cause us anxiety, so in order to remove these symptoms, we need to change our response to the situation. We need to break the connection between the thought and the response or behaviour that is currently produced. This is done by retraining the unconscious mind to respond in a different way to the current trigger.

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