Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Salisbury, New Forest and Christchurch 

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Stop Smoking

The Stop Smoking session I offer isn’t about temporary, quick fixes. This is permanent.

It is my belief that if you want to do something in life, provided it’s realistic, if you think you can, you will.

It’s all about mind over matter, and that’s where the hypnotherapy comes in. 

Amazing Success Rate

I use the Rob Kelly Stop Smoking method, which has been proven to have a 92.5% success rate. Having trained in various methods, in my opinion, this is by far the best.

One-Off Session

Only one session is needed to get effective and permanent results. No audios to listen to, just one single session.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Salisbury, New Forest and Christchurch

Stop Smoking

Everyone knows about the dangers of smoking, the impact on their health, the associated financial costs. This session isn’t about those things. It’s about changing the way you think, so that the whole process of becoming a non-smoker is easy and effortless – no cravings, no associations, just you becoming a non-smoker.

During the session, we talk about the reasons why you may have found it so hard in the past to quit and your reasons for wanting to do so. Then we work on what you’re going to GAIN from stopping, how I can help you stop smoking but not just that, improve your life in other ways too. It’s all to do with changing your belief system.

During hypnosis, we then retrain the mind utilising the information you’ve provided me with to allow you to kick the habit and become a non-smoker again. It is important that you become a ‘non-smoker’, in other words someone who does not smoke, as opposed to an ‘ex-smoker’ who still has all the connections with smoking lurking in their unconscious and likely to re-emerge again if times of stress or difficulty arise.

We focus on all the benefits stopping smoking provides you with. We focus on how much you’re gaining, not what you’re losing. The session is very much tailor made to suit you and therefore I do not do joint or group sessions.

As with all my therapeutic interventions, I am unable to offer guarantees. I know that this method works better than any other that I have trained in over the years, probably better than any other Stop Smoking method out there, however, it is still not a magic cure. It will help you (hugely!), but you have to be prepared to put in some effort too. I believe that everyone who wants to be a non-smoker for themselves can achieve this. In order for this to work, you have to have the desire to be a non-smoker for yourself. Unfortunately, it will not work if you’re not committed to stopping or if you’re trying to give up smoking because someone else wants you to. You have to stop for you. If you’re unsure or not committed, you’re simply wasting our time and your money. This is true for anyone and any hypnotherapist.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Salisbury, New Forest and Christchurch

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