Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy & Childbirth in Salisbury, Christchurch  and New Forest

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Pregnancy, Childbirth & PND

Hypnotherapy is renowned for its beneficial use in childbirth, also know as hypno birthing. It can, however, also be very useful during pregnancy and for any issues that might arise after child birth.

Having a relaxed, stress-free pregnancy and birth is advantageous to all involved; the mother, baby and those close to them.

Self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, pain control and maintaining a positive outlook can all be acheived with a view to experiencing a comfortable and enjoyable childbirth.

Fluctuation hormones during pregnancy and following the birth can on occasions, lead to emotional issues, affecting the mother, including post natal depression.


Hypnotherapy can be used during pregnancy to reduce stress and enhance pre-birthing communication.


Take back control, manage your pain and enjoy the birthing process through the use of techniques and tools I teach you within my six session package.

Post Natal Depression (PND)

If you’re expereincing PND, I can work alongside your medical practitioner to help you bond with your baby and change your thoughts and responses into positive, uplifting ones.

Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy & Childbirth in SalisburyChristchurch and New Forest


For more information on how hypnotherapy can help improve fertility, please refer to my separate page under Physiological or click here.


Everyone hopes for a relaxed, stress-free pregnancy, though this obviously isn’t always possible. Nausea, sickness, work stress, fatigue, anxieties, etc can all play a part and wreck havoc on your good intentions to remain chilled. The good news, is that hypnotherapy can be great in helping in all these areas and more.


Please contact me for further information.

Post Natal Depression

Please contact me for further information.

Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy & Childbirth in SalisburyChristchurch and New Forest

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