Hypnotherapy for Children and Teenagers in Salisbury, New Forest and Christchurch 

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Children & Teens

Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can be incredibly effective when used with children. We work in a different way with children, compared to working with adults, and therefore the  therapy must be adjusted accordingly. Children’s imaginations tend to be much better than a lot of adults’, so we can utilise this to our benefit. The language and way in which the therapy is worded is also amended appropriately.

An adult needs to be present initially and to sign the consent form, however, when we carry our the therapeutic part of the session, I ask that the child is left with me, so that they can discuss any further issues and for there to be no distractions. If either the child or parent/carer is not comfortable with this, that is perfectly okay. The most important thing is for everyone to be at ease.

Hypnotherapy for Children and Teenagers in Salisbury, New Forest and Christchurch

What Can I Help With?

I tend to see children from the ages of around ten upwards. Having had children of my own that are now teenagers or thereabouts, I feel that this helps me understand and relate to both the parents and children. Over the years, I have seen numerous children and teenagers, helping them with issues such as those listed below:

I have an up-to-date Disclosure & Barring System (DBS) check, giving parents and carers peace of mind when working with their child.

The therapies I offer are all safe to use with children, however, I choose not to use Past Life Regression therapy with minors, as I personally don’t feel it’s appropriate.

Hypnotherapy for Children and Teenagers in Salisbury, New Forest and Christchurch

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1 The Banks, Grimstead Road, Whaddon, Salisbury, Wiltshire,      SP5 3EE.


01722 238395

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M-F:  9.00am – 5.30pm.                Some weekend and evening appointments available.

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